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Product Description

IPS e.max CAD is created using a lithium disilicate glass-ceramic block. With over 360MPa in strength, IPS e.max CAD is an exceptional option for most situations where a single PFM may have been prescribed before. This custom milled, all-ceramic alternative will not only provide the superior predictability and consistency that will increase your productivity, but will never be affected by the fluctuating price of metal.

Giving your patients a reliable, IPS e.max CAD all-ceramic restoration to enhance their smile is an outstanding choice for most applications. Shade selection will never be an issue as this technically advanced restoration can be matched to any existing dentition or comparable. 


  • All-Ceramic Aesthetics
  • Conventionally Cementable
  • Lithium Disilicate ÏGlass Ceramic
  • 360 MPa Flexural Strength
  • Alternative to PFM
  • Precise Fit and Function
  • Created Via Digital File & Standard Impression