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Once you submit your file, via your CAD system, we produce your copings and pieces through milling or printing, which we send to you to finish by staining and glazing. By using this service your laboratory will be less vulnerable to volatile fluctuations in case volume.

IPS e.max

IPS e.max

This custom milled, all-ceramic alternative will not only provide the superior predictability and consistency that will increase your client's productivity. Product Page

ZEUS Crowns

Zeus Crown

Dentistry is continually in search of materials that will confidently satisfy the requirements of a long lasting and natural-looking restoration. Zeus fulfills these goals at an affordable price! Product Page

Ziroconia Copings

Zirconia Copings

With twice the flexural strength of the Alumina coping, Zirconia Copings are deal for clinical situations that require an all-ceramic restoration with the maximum strength available. Product Page

Wax Prints

Wax Prints

The DTI ART Center manufactures our wax print copings from EnvisionTEC's® WIC 402 material. WIC 402 is a wax-filled photopolymer designed for use with the EnvisionTEC DDP and produces highly detailed anatomy with exquisite features. Product Page