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The Process . Before You Send

Guideline: Model Preparation

To achieve optimal scan-design-fabrication results and avoid the potential for remakes and returned cases, please read the following before sending a case.

  1. Use light colored dies tone (buff or neutral color).

  2. Do not mark the margins.

  3. Do not seal the die or apply die spacer

  4. Please trim the die with a gentle curve under the margin as you would for a porcelain shoulder. The gross reduction of the die should be smooth and uniform so that only one clear margin line is visible.

  5. Block out will be done by the milling center. If you own a scanner, the details of out are covered during your training. Block out is used to eliminate undercuts and sharp areas where the radius of the 1.2mm bur cannot reach.

  6. For bridge cases all dies, pontics and adjacent teeth need to be removable. All pinned sections should be easily removable since part of the scanning process requires that the dies and sections are removed and scanned at different times while the based model remains in the scanner. The platform and scanner can be sensitive to forces generated during removal and replacement of the dies and sections which can result in an inaccurate scan.

Guideline: Bite Registration

Create a putty bite matrix of the bridge; preps, opposing teeth and a portion of the adjacent teeth are needed. Light colored putty is preferred. The bite should capture approximately 1-2 mm of the coronal portion of the opposing teeth. The bite is scanned to create the virtual opposing teeth to aid in the framework design.

The based model should be no taller than 2" from the top of the prep to the base of the model or it may not fit in the scanner. This is critical for longer spanned anterior bridges as they are often tilted for scanning. Ideally these models should be a maximum of 1.75 inches from the tip of the prep to the base of the model.

Ready To Send

When you feel your case preparation is complete, you are ready to send your files.