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Product Description

The DTI ART Center manufactures our wax print copings from EnvisionTEC's® WIC 402 material. WIC 402 is a wax-filled photopolymer designed for use with the EnvisionTEC DDP and produces highly detailed anatomy with exquisite features. Its stiffness allows for the production and casting of copings with extremely thin margins as well as full anatomy crowns, and partial frameworks.


  • Copings and frameworks, 1-6 units
  • Full anatomical Crowns, for casting, pressing (empress, emax), and press over technique (metal or zirconia)


  • Low thermal expansion during burnout.
  • The only photopolymer-based material that melts during burnout cycle.
  • Producing highly accurate and detailed full frameworks.


  • Produces high-quality surface finish on the castings for precious and non-precious alloys in less than an hour.
  • Allows material to melt out of the investment without leaving any ash residue.
  • Greater production flexibility and capacity.